About Perri



Perri van Rossem, C-IAYT, CYA-RYTGOLD, 

Owner, Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Student, and Spiritual Seeker

Throughout her life, Perri has been a dedicated student of both the body and mind. As an athletic child, she followed her passion for physical activity into dance and worked as a personal trainer and an aerobics’ instructor. Her educational pursuits were, and continue today, to be in the area of Philosophy. In 1990 YOGA found Perri. It became immediately obvious that yoga naturally blended Perri’s passion for a healthy, vital body with her pursuit of understanding the nature of reality, life, and the mind.

Perri instantly began a committed personal yoga practice and an in-depth study of the yogic teachings. She has studied with many of North America’s greatest teachers. Her expansive study, practice, and teaching eventually lead her to the home of the teacher of many of the world’s greatest masters, Krishnamacharya’s Mandarim in Chennai India.

Her initial teacher training was with the Yoga Institute of Houston, where attention to anatomical knowledge and structural alignment was heavily emphasized.  Perri believes that a clear understanding of and instruction in alignment is an integral part of every good yoga asana class. However, Perri also enjoys the vinyasa (flowing) style of practice and integrates the two in a unique and creative fashion.

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Yoga as therapy emphasizes the fundamentals of good body alignment, breath awareness, and mental focus. Perri’s passion for sharing the deep wisdom of the ancient philosophy of Yoga takes yoga therapy beyond the physical practice alone. She considers Yoga to be a practical philosophy that offers tools to assist us on our everyday journey through life. To think of yoga as an exercise system for the body alone is underestimating and limiting to yoga’s overall potential. Perri imbues her classes with a blend of physical, mental and spiritual teachings.

When we free the body and release the mind, we allow ourselves to let go of all that no longer serves us. By incorporating the tools and philosophy of yoga into our life we can free life force energy, create change, growth, and well-being in all aspects of our life.

Perri’s passion and faith in the healing powers of yoga will continue to inspire her to offer the best possible instruction and services to all her students. Perri hopes to encourage you to join her in integrating the truly remarkable gifts of Yoga into your life.

Perri van Rossem