Breathing Well to Live Well

Only humans breathe both consciously and unconsciously. Breathing is the bridge between body and mind.

Breathing patters affect, and are affected by, our overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Optimal breathing can be learned, practiced and employed to reduce stress, cultivating a relaxed resilience.

Conscious breathing is potent medicine that can induce the relaxation response with no adverse side effects.

Limestone Yoga Therapy Breath Well to Live Well

This workshop will explore:

  • The anatomy of breath
  • What our personal breathing patterns are
  • Breathing patterns that can reduce hyperactive arousal and quiet an overactive nervous system
  • A variety of daily practices
  • How to incorporate mindful breathing into daily life

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Upcoming Breathe Well to Live Well Workshops

December 8 (Friday 5:30-7:30PM) & December 9 (Saturday 9:30-11:30AM) Register by visiting:

October 27 (Friday 5:30-7:30) & October 28 (Saturday 11:30-1:30) Register by visiting: (Life Yoga in the east end)