Pelvic Floor Workshop

The pelvic floor is the fundamental source of support for the entire human system. As a muscle group centrally located in the human structure it has a profound influence on all movements.

The Pelvic Floor Workshop will:

  • The role of the pelvic floor and pelvic girdle
  • How to identify, isolate and engage with your pelvic floor
  • Why Kegel exercises will never effectively train your pelvic floor
  • What you can do to create a strong, flexible, active and supportive pelvic floor
  • Learn how active and dynamic pelvic floor training can improve many aspects of your overall health and well-being

Peeing when you laugh or sneeze doesn’t have to be how you live.
Low back pain and incontinence may be common experiences but they are not a normal aging process. You will learn the keys to effectively restore the optimal functioning of your Pelvic Floor no matter your age or condition.

Perri will teach you what you can do in your daily life, and as a dedicated practice, to efficiently and effectively awaken your fundamental core support, Your Pelvic Floor.

Pelvic Floor Workshop begins with Limestone Yoga Therapy Practice with Perri

To learn more about the upcoming Pelvic Floor Workshops contact us HERE!

Upcoming Pelvic Floor Workshops

October 13 (Friday 5:30-7:30PM) & October 14 (Saturday 9:30-11:30AM) Register by visiting:

November 17 (Friday 5:30-7:30PM) & November 18 (Saturday 11:30am-1:30PM) Register by visiting: (Life Yoga in the east end)