Yoga Therapy Testimnial

I began my yoga therapy with Perri in 2016 following 3 concussions which I suffered in 2014. Following 2 years of several types of treatment and seeing several specialists  I felt hopeless and frustrated and felt I would have to learn to accept my “new normal ” which was not an option I wanted to live with.

Perri has been instrumental in helping me change my outlook and making me believe that I can get  better. This is the most important part of your healing process, “believe in yourself”and believe that healing comes from within.

I was skeptical at first but

With her expertise, guidance and personalized therapy my symptons have been improving. 

It has been a struggle with many ups and downs but Perri has been there for me, supporting me and she has given me the tools necessary to continue on my healing journey.

— Yoga Therapy Testimonial